Ah, yes, new year, new blog post. But hopefully more than 2 blog posts in 2019. I mean, I’m not sure anyone even reads this anymore. But my fingers march on. I do hope to write more this year. What has kept me from blogging this past year? Basically not feeling like I can be vulnerable. Good news, though. Last year I read a book about being more vulnerable, I’m going to try it out, so please be kind if you decide to ever respond to my posts. 😉

Last year I feel like I did a good job of meeting my goals. Okay…at least one goal. My reading goal was 100 books. I read 101 books. I know, I know….,”Isha, how you do you find time read so much.” Really what you should ask yourself is, “Why aren’t I reading more?” I didn’t watch any TV, stayed up too late reading and had no life outside of books and my family, ha. Reading 100 books wasn’t easy. It would’ve been much easier had I not been 10 books behind schedule in September. I then had to kick my butt into gear. I listened to many audio books and read some short blah books. But I did it! And that will not be my goal again, until my children have grown and left and I’m old lady bookworm. I hope to only read great books this year and not feel forced to read at times.

I honestly don’t remember my other resolutions and hopes for last year. But here are some I have for 2019:

  • Listen more/talk less
  • Depend on my phone less
  • Less fast food/junk
  • Gain muscle back/feel fit
  • Deny myself (I tend to indulge my every whim)
  • Slow down, experience more, don’t rush life
  • Spend less money on inconsequential things
  • Blog/journal more/not care what people thing about my writing
  • Learn photoshop  or lightroom
  • Read 60 books

Here are some bucket list items for the year:

  • Visit Yogi Bear in Bloomington
  • Attend  the Holy Family Catholic Conference
  • Michigan
  • Take the kids on the Polar Express
  • New Windows for the house
  • Paint/decorate the kid’s rooms (we will hopefully finally get around to doing this!)
  • Mulch and plant the front flower beds (and then actually take care of them, this is all new to me!)
  • Try a new cuisine
  • Visit a new state/destination
  • Take H & P to a Pacers game

On top of these fun things, my best friend is getting married! This will be my most favorite event of the year and I can’t wait to see her walking down the aisle to her groom who will be bawling his eyes out.

Above all, I pray we find joy every day in the simple.  What are your 2019 hopes and goals?