(a small) 2017 Book Look Back

2017 Goal: 60
Actual books read: 74!

I read 27,068 pages across 74 books.
My average rating was: 3.8/5 stars.

Favorite Book:  While nothing immediately stood out like in prior years, here are a couple favorites



Least Favorite/Most over hyped: (only rated 2 books below 3 stars all year, and this one was supposed to be great!)



I didn’t manage to stay on top of my reviewing. I don’t really feel down about it though, I’m pretty proud of the 74 I read this year! Josh told me to go for 100 next year. I think I will! Looking forward to all of the new adventures I will find.

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  1. gRegor Morrill

    Commenting to let you know I read your posts! ;] Great jorb. I aspire to read a fraction of that many books per year, haha.

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