I have talked for sometime about doing some kind of photo/blog project. Earlier this year, a friend died unexpectedly, in the aftermath of his death, social media lit up with laments, photos, eulogizing him. People had so much love and so much to say about him. I know, at least for myself, I was left with regrets…did he know all of this? Did he know he was so important to so many people? Did he know how cherished his life was? This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen reactions like this on social media, it’s become the norm, as it should. We should always do what we feel in our hearts to remember those we’ve lost.

But what about RIGHT NOW? You know, like we often hear, “Before it’s too late.”

I’m naming this project “The Anchor Project,” after the person who in large part also inspired this, one of my anchors, my best friend, Kayleigh (maybe we will end up with those anchor tattoos, Wifey 😉 ). We’ve talked about this project, about how important photos are, about how huge it is to tell someone how they anchor you to this life, because maybe they NEED to hear it.

I want to do this (and I encourage you to join me, either on my blog or in your own social media space, but you’re welcome to request I come photograph your anchor and you can guest blog about what they mean to you) because I know life is short, I am watching my children grow at such a rapid rate that I can barely keep up. I want to recognize those people in my life that keep me grounded, sane and taken care of.

Look for the first in this series later this week. And let me know if you’d like to join me.

You are somebody’s anchor.