Henry, today you are 4 years old, but to me you’re still my sweet newborn baby, who never cried and smiled at every single person you met. You have always had such a sweet spirit about you and I continue to see that grow more and more and in different ways. You are SO full of life, you’re ready to explore and discover everything. I hope we continue to help develop your naturally good character,  I truly believe that you will make a positive difference in this world, that you will help the lives of others (I know because you already do, effortlessly).

You are such a sweet big brother, everywhere we go, you introduce your sister, Peyton to people, you are proud that she is yours and you are lonely when she’s not around. It amazes me to watch you two play, you both laugh and laugh and she follows you around, she’s your little shadow. When she hurts, you hug her and tell her it’s okay, and she has started to return the affection when you’re hurt. When she cries in the car, you do something to make her laugh and you always, without hesitation share your snacks (with everyone, it brings you joy). I hope your bond always continues to grow and I can’t wait to watch you two have so many adventures together.

This past year of life was a year of many firsts! You played T-ball for the first time, your team The Dodgers went undefeated (as did every other team in your league!). You did a great job fielding the ball and throwing it to first base. You did a great job up to bat too. I love that you enjoyed it and that we continue to play in the front field after dinner.  It made me so excited for the future, to see what sports or clubs you decide you want to do, and watching you grow and enjoy yourself as you find what you’re most passionate about in life. You slept in a tent, you went to Michigan, you read multiple books from memory, you were in parade and experienced your first death, our sweet dog Bella.


This year was also your first year of VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church. You LOVED it. Every night and every morning you asked if we could go back to VBS. You learned new songs (and dance moves), you did crafts, played games and learned more about our faith. You really started to take more of an interest in Jesus and “the priest” and I hope your faith continues to grow as you learn more and more about that great guy named Jesus. Along with this is how you’ve learned to say grace before meals, night and morning prayers and you take great care to genuflect in church, showing Jesus that you care.


YOU potty trained yourself. Daddy and I decided that potty training was not a battle we wanted to fight. We waited until you seemed to show more interest and within a week or 2 you just got it. There were no fights or tears, but there was lots of cookies and a gift once you had gone accident free for a week. I was just so proud that it was something that you just got, mostly on your own. Earlier in the year we also moved you to your own room. You’re not 100% perfect at staying in your bed, because you still want to cuddle mommy and daddy (which I can’t blame you) but I’m proud of your strides in becoming more independent in other ways too. You dress and undress yourself, you wash your own hands, you help set the table and help put laundry away, you help clean your toys up and sometimes you even listen to us when we say no (ha!).


You still LOVE to read. You choose to read without being asked to and you have memorized a fair amount of books that I often find you reading to Peyton. I hope that your love of books and reading continues to grow, I think it’s an activity that you and I will have a lot of fun with as you start to learn to read on your own. When I asked you what you wanted for your birthday this year, you said, “A BOOK!” Don’t worry, if this is always a passion of yours, I will help you nurture it. You can write your name (with help) too!


This next year will be a big one too! In less than a month you will start preschool (2x a week), you’re already asking to go. I am very excited for you because I know you will love it, you’re just the kinda kid (like mama) that LOVED school. You may take swim lessons and give soccer a try too. We can’t wait to see you grow, learn and continue to be an awesome kid. You are not always easy, but you are always worth it, I hope you know that. I hope you know that magnitude that you are loved and I hope you take all of the love into the world and be exactly who you are meant to be. You will always have us behind you, your biggest fans.




Me: What is your name?
Henry: Hemy Michael

Me: How old are you?
H: 3

Me: Who is your hero?
H: Daddy is a hero and you are hero and Henry is a hero and Peyton is a hero

Me: Who is your best friend?
H: Peyton! And Caleb. And all of my friends.

Me: What’s your favorite food?
H: Hmmm, CAKE!

Me: What’s your favorite color?
H: Jesus
Me: Color, Henry. What’s your favorite color?
H: Jesus

Me: What’s your favorite thing to do?
H: Go to the park

Me: Who do you miss?
H: Caleb and Daddy.

Me: Who do you love the most?
H: Jesus. Jesus is my best friend. Jesus hes a God, Jesus died. Jesus sings a lot. He prays a lot.

Me: What’s your favorite animal?
H: All the animals. Eggs. And I miss Curious George

Me: What’s your favorite thing to do outside?
H: Run. Catch fireflies.