Well, the world has certainly changed since February book roundup. Here’s March’s reads.


5/5 stars

Be Brave in the Scared: How I leaned to Trust God During the Most Difficult Days of My Life by Mary Lenaburg

5/5 stars

If you read my last blog, then this one will look familiar. This book was excellent and so much of what I needed to hear as I’ve been working on forgiveness, healing and allowing God in to do the work that I can’t do. In such an uncertain time for our country/world, this is an excellent book to start your day with and remember that so much of our life is out of our control but God never is. He is intentional and lets nothing go to waste. This is a book I will pick up again and again and I know I’ll get something new out of it every time I read it.


Still Amidst the Storm by Conor Gallagher


Do you ever look back and see how God was preparing you? That’s how I felt a week after reading this when quarantine started to be our most frequent word. It’s about living right now in this moment. Living in the past is living in resentment and living in the future is living in anxiety. Unfortately for all of us, living presently is also living in anxiety. But something else to remember is we have so little control over most of the things in our lives, so focus on what you can do and find peace in the other areas. I know it’s easier said than done. But if we wake up and are intentional with our thoughts and actions and we decide to open up those hard places to God, we start letting go of anxiety and all of those negative emotions that tag along.


The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11 by Garrett Graff

5/5 stars

This book was also mentioned in my last blog. It’s an oral history of  9/11, meaning from people from all walks of life contributed their experiences from 9/11. It’s truly remarkable. I can’t imagine some of the things people saw that day, bodies falling from the sky,  the heroism of fire fighters, police and ordinary citizens, seeing the planes hit the different buildings. I’m sure it felt like they were living out a nightmare they couldn’t wake up from. Above all this book gave me courage and hope for humanity. Even when we are going through the worst we can still find strength and help one another up and out of despair.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

4/5 stars

If you love LONG, EPIC novels, this book is for you. It took me so long to get through, not because it was bad but…hmm, I don’t know. It was detailed and some less exciting times throughout. I don’t know how to explain. But if you like time traveling, love, and action, you may like this. I haven’t decided if I will continue with this series (I have several other books to attend to first). Have you read this book/series? Did you like it?


Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
5/5 Stars

This is a great book for all of us to read. Racism is the main focus and how it slinks around in our lives in a variety of ways. It is SO important to understand the ways we may be exhibiting it because ignorance is NOT bliss. This book was interesting because it showed different ways people are racist, some without even realizing they are (scary). I think it’s important to read books that remind of us of these things, because often times, whether we want to admit it or not, there are thoughts and assumptions we make about others. Again, ignorance is not bliss.



5/5 stars

I saw this book floating around my friend’s pages and thought I’d give it a go with my friends Kayleigh and April (they both loved it too!). The main character is a woman, fire fighter who is completely jaded about love. But as these stories go, that doesn’t last too long and she comes to find that forgiveness is freeing and is road that should be sought out whenever possible and if it’s stubbornness preventing you from seeking it to try and let go of that pride because you never know when your time may run out. An easy, sweet book I didn’t want to put down.