Just Write.

I am going to write more. Here (hopefully) and by hand, in a journal (already started). I used to journal all the time.

This post is just to keep me accountable. That really means nothing though. I can see me now, in a year, looking back at that sentence and laughing. Yeah, okay, great accountability, Isha.

I miss blogging/writing/journaling in the days of Xanga and Google Reader. Those were the days, guys.

You could just hop on your Xanga and type whatever you wanted without caring if it made sense or needed edited, in fact you didn’t even know if anyone ever read unless they commented. At least I know gRegor is reading this right now, hi gRegor. I don’t think I care if 100 people read any of my blogs, but a handful would be nice. Like hi, yes, I exist and have a couple things to say once a month.

I just miss not overthinking and just writing. I had a college professor that said, “Just write.” So simple, but how often do I do that. Just write.

So while I have made a small list of blog ideas, maybe sometimes I’ll just write (so that all my thoughts can swirl into the empty abyss).

So maybe it’s really, new year, old old me.


  1. gRegor Morrill

    Hi, Isha.
    Just write, dammit.

  2. April

    Love you AND what you write! You write and I’ll read.

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