It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already over, it was a great year, with some bad sprinkled in, as most years are. I see a lot of people flipping of 2016, but I’m choosing to pull all the good out and saying thank you for the blessings. I remember writing the farewell 2015 post like it was yesterday. I always do a recap and then make resolutions. I know some people don’t think resolutions work, but for me, I think they do, at least for awhile.

2016 Recap:

  • Peyton turned 1! Henry turned 4!
  • Henry played in his first season of T-Ball, he did great and loved it.
  • We lost our sweet pup Bella
  • Henry participated in VBS for the first time, he had so much fun!
  • We visited Michigan again. This year we explored Ft Wayne Zoo, Albion, Sleepy Bear Dune National Lakeshore, Muskegon and Grand Haven. We loved it. Beautiful areas!
  • We visited Turkey Run State Park and stayed in the Inn.
  • We went camping in Brown County, Peyton’s first camping experience.
  • Josh and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!
  • We met Vice President Elect Mike Pence! (This is not a Donald Trump endorsement).
  • I helped deliver my goddaughter Ahkianna in a car!
  • We conceived our 3rd child!



Here were my goals for 2016:


  • Daily prayer (I definitely prayed a lot more this year! Still not as much as I should be praying, but I’m happy there was prgoress)
  • Set aside anger, lead with love (I feel like there was a lot I was able to let go of. I also decided that I don’t always have to respond/react. This helps with leading with love, instead of reacting with emotion).
  • Read 75 books (I only read 59 books this year, so I didn’t meet my goal. But I am still happy with that progress. That’s a book a week! I feel off the book wagon toward the end of the year, due to exhaustion/being sick).
  • Become organized/less clutter (Still a work in progress. I ended this year with cleaning and organzing  my laundry room and desk. Hoping for  more peaceful and less cluttered home in 2017.)
  • Healthy body, healthy mind (Before the 1st trimester struck, I had been running and/or working out in some other form almost daily. I was finally able to run without feeling like I was dying. That all changed when I hit about the 5th week and was basically couch ridden from week 5 to 9. I need to get back in the habit, I feel like Jabba the Hut).



Here are some goals for 2017:

  • Schedule my days better, in order to be more effective in house work and playtime
  • Organized home (everything has it’s place and at least occasionally finds its home 😉 )
  •  Memorize more prayers/scripture
  • Workout to some degree daily
  • Blog more
  • Learn a solid photo editing program
  • Take photography more seriously
  • Read 60 books
  • Deliver a happy, healthy baby, quickly and safely (PLEASE LORD!)
  • Cuss less, love more