One (of many) thing I love about living in Indiana (and the Midwest in general) is the ever changing weather. I know, some people make such a fuss about how cold it gets, how much snow we get, how hot it gets or how it changes so drastically so quickly, but I think it keeps things interesting.

Winter time in particular leaves me feeling so cozy. We keep our house on the cooler side, we are always bundled up in warm pjs or snuggling under blankets next to the fire with coffee or hot choc (as Henry has come to call it). This time of year totally puts me in a “enjoy these simple comforts” kind of mind frame. I’ve not been able to get over┬áthis awesome funk ever since the cooler weather hit. That’s right, a good kinda funk.

Other simple comforts that have hit me recently (some are kinda strange, I know!):

  • Pulling on a warm fuzzy bathrobe after a steaming hot shower
  • The heft of a new bottle of shampoo, conditioner or bath soap
  • Our down comforter
  • How Josh smells
  • Cleanliness and organization
  • Reading great books with great friends (and falling in love with them together)
  • Frosted window
  • Winter skies, winter sunsets
  • Josh’s ease about life
  • The first big snow
  • Reading wrapped up in a blanket as it rains (or snows)
  • Sitting down to a hot dinner
  • The familiarity of a best friend
  • Familiar hymns at Mass
  • Freshly painted fingernails
  • Sleeping babies (especially when they are asleep on my chest)
  • Empty laundry baskets
  • The sound of the dryer, tumbling clothes
  • The first sip of coffee of the day
  • When Peyton falls asleep while nursing
  • Receiving mail (real mail, you know, delivered by The United States Postal Service!)

What are some simple comforts you enjoy? I would love to hear them. Take time every day to embrace the simplicity in your life.