I wanted to share a few photos of Peyton’s recent 6 month (and some days) photo shoot. Needless to say it was not easy! This Curious George of a girl is a mover! She does not sit, she army crawls, planks, knee crawls, stands, nearly jumps out of my arms and that’s just within the first 15 minutes of being awake. As you can see in the photo above, Peyton was not satisfied sitting in the chair, she twisted around and stood up on her own. She is strong, she is curious and she will eat all of your paper. Maybe we should dub her the goat. Goats eat paper right? I don’t know, I need sleep.



She sure is one smiley, happy baby. We can’t wait to watch her continue to grow, learn and explore. It’s hard to believe she’s already 6 months old.  Well, now she is almost 7 months! We love you Princess Peyton!



PS: Something I will need to figure out, but you will notice the photos don’t look crisp on this post unless you click and enlarge the photo.