Fresh. Fresh. Fresh.

I love that word. It sounds promising. It sounds crisp and clean.

I love a fresh new page in a journal. An early morning, with an orange sunrise painting the horizon and a steaming mug of coffee in your hand, welcoming a fresh new day.

It’s here at last! My renovated blog, fresh and ready for all kinds of new adventures! I want to say a HUGE thanks to gRegor for doing all of his magic in getting it up and running (he’s been doing this for me for years)! I’m still searching for the perfect header photo that I have or will take. There are some photos I’ve taken and haven’t uploaded that may work great for it. For now, a nice sky photo I took, which admittedly looks better on mobile than on a desktop version.

So what can you expect from this blog/website?

I want to be more intentional in writing and photography. I want to learn, grow, connect, and share. I want an outlet for my thoughts and my photography work. You will currently only see pages for: Poetry, Photography, and About. In time I will add more as the site grows.

Here are some ideas I have that I hope to blog about in the future:

Flashback Fridays
Book Reviews
Spotlights on restaurants/attractions/festivals
Restaurant reviews
Guest Bloggers
Creative writing prompts

I’ve established a page on Facebook, so please go “like” it if you’d like to keep up with updates and posts going forward! I will link to the page as I publish blogs and photography.

Thanks for stopping by!