New year, new me? Right? I hate that saying as much as you do. I know resolutions sometimes get a bad rap, but for me it is helpful to measure things in a year’s span (and maybe even month by month this year). When I look back at 2019, it feels like…just a bad year. Not because we didn’t do fun things or have new experiences but because I struggled so much emotionally. I need to take time and reflect on all of the good though, and not let the darkness overshadow all of the light. My phone created a video of 2019 in review and it was absolutely beautiful. I know I have a blessed life, it’s just not always easy to feel that, but that’s getting better.

I am hopeful for 2020, it just looks like a good number. And despite starting it with a double ear infection and no running water for the time being (bye $), I know it will be full of light even if the darkness sometimes tries to overshadow it.

Here are my hopes for 2020:


  • Attend adoration 1x a month
  • Take more time for daily prayer (interrupt those moments in my day that I need to take a step back and center myself).
  • Read one spiritual book a month (take time daily to read scripture on top of this).
  • Go on a retreat


  • Declutter, declutter, declutter
  • Create new spaces to be better organized (for library books, mail, paperwork, etc).
  • Purge closets, create better systems
  • Try new recipes (Josh made 1 yesterday, chicken guacamole bacon melt and I tried a new chicken tortilla soup, so good!)
  • Buy new windows for the house
  • Finish the kid’s bedrooms
  • Travel to a new destination (or 2)
  • Family night 1x week with fun activities


  • Gym/work out 4x a week
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Consistently take vitamins
  • Get sunlight (real, by pushing myself to go outside even if it’s cold or with my new sunlight therapy)
  • Healthier diet/less eating out/actually eat full meals
  • Less phone time
  • Go outside even if it’s cold


  • Journaling daily
  • Blogging 1x a week
  • Write/send letters (do you want one?!)
  • Read 52 books
  • Read only awesome books 😉

What are your hopes/goals for 2020?